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Debian Administrator’s Handbook

Cahier de l’admin Debian, first published in 2004 by Eyrolles, was a best-selling French guide to running the Debian operating system. Five editions have been published, later ones designed for specific Debian releases. The authors, Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas, launched a campaign aiming for €15,000 with the goal of translating the book to English. At the same time, however, a second campaign ran that aimed to raise an additional €25,000 to publish the English book under a free license. Donors could contribute to both goals by donating above and beyond the stated “reward” levels of the first campaign.

The original campaign succeeded only in the first goal, although some post-deadline large donors helped make the second one a reality as well.The authors later (mid 2013) ran another successful campaign to publish the original French text under a free license as well.

As Eyrolles would own the copyright of the French text, Hertzog and Mas made an agreement with the publishing company to enable both creating the translation and publishing it under a free license (which is why community translation would not be a legal possibility).


  • Campaign: Independent (ulele.org and self-hosted)
  • Campaign date: 2011-11-27
  • Campaign status: successful
  • Campaign backers: 677 (original campaign)
  • Campaign raised: €24,345 of 15,000 (original)
  • Project type: existing/translation
  • Project license: dual-licensed CC-BY-SA, GPL


The campaign aimed to fund two authors spending three months full time translating the 450-page book. The book took five months to come to complete fruition, and was published in May 2012 as a paperback and in several e-book formats.